Pregnancy & Postnatal Care

Pregnancy care at the Octagon

Pregnancy & Postnatal Care - The Octagon Clinic - Hammersmith

Pregnancy and the post-natal period is certainly the greatest transformation that will take place in a woman’s life.

Every part of her body and every major system within it must adapt to accommodate the growing baby. Her heart, lungs, liver and kidneys will all alter. Her circulatory and endocrine systems will both change dramatically in this short space of time. She will even grow an extra organ, the placenta, which will nourish and support the baby and, in some ways, will control her body too.

From a structural perspective her pelvis and ribcage will widen and the curves in her back will change. Her feet will broaden and flatten to help support the weight of the baby. After birth her body will then need to transform back again.

In the face of all this change it is certainly a period of time when a woman really need all of our support to nurture her through this extraordinary transformation.

At the Octagon we are all trained to deal with the unique issues that pregnancy and postnatal care present and adapt our treatment and exercise programs to facilitate. We are also lucky to have the support from many local doulas and midwives which helps to create a truly integrated approach and a continuity of care.