It is with heavy hearts that we share some deeply distressing news. Stephen Hughes, the founder and owner of the Octagon Chiropractic Clinic has been reported missing and is, sadly presumed dead.

Steve has been the heart and soul of the Octagan leading with passion, integrity and an unwavering commitment to you his patients, partners, and his team. This unexpected and tragic situation has left us all in shock and mourning.

During this incredibly difficult time, we ask for your understanding and patience as we come to terms with this loss and work to ensure The Octagon Clinic continues to operate in a manner that would make Stephen proud.

For any immediate concerns or support please contact our Practice Managers Eme and Suzanne on 0208 8563 2608 or by email to We deeply appreciate your support and kindness during this challenging period.

The Octagon Clinic Team

Logo - The Octagon Family Chiropractic & Pilates Clinic - Chiswick

Welcome to the Octagon. Thank you for visiting our website.

We are three Chiropractors and three Pilates Teachers working in a cosy clinic and studio space in a quiet back street in the historic part of Hammersmith.

Although we are perhaps best known for our work with babies, children and pregnant women, we also work in the field of general biomechanics and as such welcome patients and clients of all ages. We are very much a team here and there is a high degree of collaboration amongst the Chiropractors and Pilates Teachers and with each other to ensure the highest standards of care.

We have never advertised and the only promotional work we undertake relates to our charities. We have been here a long time now and are very proud of our reputation both locally and further afield. You will most likely come to see us through word of mouth. This gives the Octagon great stability and is the way we have always chosen to work.

We look forward to seeing you.


Our clinic team, Steve, Carmen and Annabel are all state-registered Chiropractors from different backgrounds with experience and special interest in a vast range of biomechanical conditions affecting the spine and extremities.


At the Octagon we have a beautifully designed, well equipped Plates studio. Our three, very experienced Pilates teachers offer tailored one-to one sessions to help you build dynamic stability and resilience to optimise strength and coordination of movement.


Creating a clinic space especially for the treatment of babies and children was one of the founding principles right back from when the Octagon was first established.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

Pregnancy and postnatal recovery is a truly transformative event in any woman’s life. As Chiropractors and Pilates Teachers this presents us with a completely unique set of circumstances. All of us at the Octagon have the training, experience and most of all the passion to make this amazing journey as calm and problem-free as we possibly can.