What is Chiropractic?

Steve Hughes, Chiropractor

Modern Chiropractic started in the late 1890s in North America but can trace its roots in manual medicine back to ancient Greek civilisation. Chiropractic is an independent branch of Medicine encompassing the assessment and treatment of the skeletal, muscular and fascial elements of the body to improve function and stability without the use of drugs or surgery.

Although it is commonly associated with high amplitude ‘adjustments’ for the alleviation of backpain, Chiropractic is actually a very broad church and encompasses many different techniques but with the common philosophy of improving function. Many of these treatment techniques are indeed very low force akin to gentle unwinding such as we would use with babies and young children and with our pregnant patients.

Historically Chiropractic has often been classified within the field of  ‘Alternative Medicine’ but this classification is now rather outdated. Chiropractic assessment and treatment is based on sound and proven biomechanical principles employing many techniques that come from conventional orthopaedic and neurological assessment. We are trained to interpret x-rays and scans and to recognise red flags for any potential underlying pathology to ensure the highest degree of safety for patients.

Chiropractic is a state registered profession with protection of title. This ensures that all Chiropractors in the UK must have gone through a recognised course of study and abide by the code of conduct and postgraduate education requirements laid down by Government statute. Steve, Carmen and Annabel are all registered with the General Chiropractic Council.

The Octagon Family Chiropractic & Pilates Clinic - Hammersmith
The Octagon Family Chiropractic & Pilates Clinic - Hammersmith