Paediatric Care

Paediatrics at the Octagon

The Octagon Family Chiropractic & Pilates Clinic - Paediatrics

We treat a lot of babies and children here at the Octagon and see it as a great privilege. We have all undergone a considerable amount of postgraduate training to allow us to understand the unique physiology of the young and very young.

With babies we will ask lots of questions about how they feed, how they sleep and how they are generally settling in to the world. We will observe them on you to see how they are interacting with you are their immediate environment. Examination usually involves walking around the room with them in our arms or lying them on the treatment bed. We understand that babies do sometimes cry when they’re in a strange environment. We aren’t worried about that but have everything set up to make the environment as calm as possible.

With toddlers we will ask questions and assess how they are doing with their general development acknowledging entirely that children will go through their own unique development journey sometimes not in step with the rather rigid agenda of developmental milestones. Examination and treatment is often a more lively interactive affair than with babies and we certainly would not expect your two year old to lie still on the treatment couch for us. We’re very used to crawling on the floor and try to make everything as informal and unmedical as possible whilst still achieving the results we need.

Treatment techniques for babies and young children involve special gentle unwinding to remove tension and not the high amplitude adjustments perhaps more familiar from conventional Chiropractic or Osteopathy.