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Polly Benge

Polly Benge - Pilates Teacher - The Octagon Family Chiropractic & Pilates Clinic

Polly was a professional ballet dancer before training as a Pilates teacher in 1999.  When ongoing knee injuries threatened to end her career she turned to Pilates for rehabilitation. Within a few months the pain disappeared and she continued to dance for many more years. Her love of the method was born.

During her 25 year teaching career, starting in New Zealand with members of the All Blacks, NZ cricket and netball teams via numerous studios in London she set up the Pilates studio at The Octagon in 2017. She has many years of experience teaching the specific needs of performers, athletes, and pre and post rehabilitation clients and relishes the continuing education this involves.

Polly empathises with the mental and physical obstacles that individuals can encounter when dealing with pain and dysfunction and understands the importance of meeting the unique requirements of each client in a safe, therapeutic space.

Polly welcomes everyone into the studio no matter their level of fitness. Her only requisite is that you be curious and open to experiencing the sensations and stories of your body.

“I have had, and continue to have, the absolute privilege of working alongside many inspiring teachers, therapists, specialists and above all else clients, in this most compelling subject of human movement – after all, movement is life!”

When Polly is not in The Octagon she is Pilates teacher to a London Premier League football club. Her perfect day would include a long walk, various food stops followed by a live music gig.

She is certified with the Pilates Foundation Uk and the Gyrotonic Method.