Your first visit

Octagon GardenWhen you arrive at the clinic we will ask you to fill in a form detailing your personal information and medical history. This forms part of your confidential records and will not be shown to a third party other than an attending Chiropractor working in the practice without your express permission. We will then ask you questions about your condition and would be grateful that if you have any scans, x-rays or the results of medical tests or in the case of babies their red development books, you would bring them with you to the consultation as they will help us greatly in our assessment.

We will discuss with you the significance of our understanding of your case and then physically examine you as appropriate to your present condition. The examination will be gentle and not unnecessarily invasive and will be appropriate to your age, physical condition and present complaint. We will then discuss a course of management or an appropriate further referral. It is our strong belief that your understanding of your own or your childs condition is the single most important factor in the effective management of it.

We will therefore spend time discussing your condition and associated health issues in detail before we proceed with any treatment. We will also discuss any risks involved and ask you to sign a legal consent. If the patient is under sixteen a parent or legal guardian must sign on their behalf and we would ask that they remain present at all times during the consultation and subsequent treatment visits.

Treatment plan

Hazel Dillon treating childIn the initial phase of care, treatments are often more frequent with the main aim being to decrease your pain levels and begin to improve the function of your joints and muscles. In the corrective phase your pain levels will be less and we will be focussing on continuing to improve and maintain the function of your joints and muscles, at this time you may be given exercises and lifestyle information to help re-train your body and enable it to maintain the corrections applied during treatment. This plan of treatment will allow your body to heal, some patients then choose to benefit from periodic check-ups and treatment in an attempt to decrease the likelihood of a relapse or reoccurrence in the future and maintain a healthy and optimally functioning body.

Your chiropractor may suggest you need to do specific exercises, stretches or relaxation techniques. This is because compensated movement may affect the way the body works and create muscular imbalances. We feel that the best way to achieve long-term results is to actively take part in your recovery by implementing these exercises. In doing this you may need our care less in the future.

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