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We are open during Tier 4 Restrictions

We are staying open during Tier 4 and have confirmation from the BCA - British Chiropractic Association - as chiropractors have essential status.

After the first lockdown, we opened up on May 18th wondering how out patients had fared and we were delighted to welcome all of them back and continue to practice throughout Summer and Autumn.  

We are continuing through the Winter months with normal opening times and we are full steam ahead throughout January and beyond.

If you need to contact The Clinic:

email: info@octagonclinic.co.uk

Tel: 020 8563 2608



Price Changes
at the Octagon Clinic
as of Feb 1st 2021
We have had to increase our prices for our treatments here at the Octagon and these changes will take place on Monday 1st February.
The prices will be as follows as per Monday 1st February 2021:
New Patients                    £90
Adult Follow Up               £55
Child Follow Up               £50
Reassessment                  £70
Pilates Session                £70
Thank you all for your continued support from everyone at the Octagon Clinic.





A Few Pointers For Your Visit to the Octagon Clinic

Due to ongoing safety measures the system at the clinic will be slightly different than usual. The waiting room will be more of a rapid transit area than the usual social hub; social distancing will be adhered to; we will sanitise after every patient, patients will bring their own towels etc; but the receptionists and Chiropractors will be the same as ever, so don’t worry.


If you do come to see us at the clinic over the next few weeks, we will need to ask you a few more questions related to Covid 19 beforehand by email or phone and would be grateful if you can comply with this as fully as possible.

We will try to keep the red tape to the minimum, but we need to ensure that everyone is absolutely as safe as they can be. If you have a letter, or have been told by your GP or other health practitioner, that you are in the category of highly or extremely vulnerable, please do let us know beforehand as we will need to take additional safeguards for you.

Social Distancing

We are trying to keep face to face reception contact down to the minimum during this time, so we would ask you to do as much over the phone as possible, such as payment and appointment booking, if at all possible.

We also ask you to bring two towels with you to cover the treatment table and as little else as possible, preferably in a bag. I’m sure the whole family are dying for an excuse to leave the house right now, but if you could leave them in the park rather than bringing them to the clinic that would be much appreciated until more familiar waiting room service resumes.





Welcome to the Octagon Clinic


Hazel Dillon low back palpation

Welcome to the Octagon Chiropractic Clinic. We are a well-established clinic in West London dedicated to enhancing our patients’ health. We have been practicing Chiropractic here since 1991.

We have a special interest in pregnancy and paediatric care but very much pride ourselves on being a family clinic, able to treat a diversity of patients, from expectant mothers and babies, through to grandparents, sportspeople, dancers, those in need of rehabilitation and anyone else in Chiropractic need.

Our General Chiropractic Council (GCC) registered Chiropractors Stephen Hughes, Hazel Dillon and Carmen Moor aim to help with a vast array of spinal conditions, as diverse as cervicogenic headaches and migraines to low back and acute neck pain.

Hazel Dillon treating a patient

Polly Benge giving a ZOOM class in our studio



We provide bith a thorough assessment fo our patients' condition and appropriate long term care, committed to not only offering relief from physical discomfort but to locating the root cause of pain and firmly believe in the importance of encouraging patient participation in the Chiropractic process.

As a multi-disciplinary clinic we also offer homeopathic care and one to one Pilates sessions and are pleased to have  registered homeopath Laura Kenyon and Pilates Foundation UK member Polly Benge and Sally Jones working alongside us at the Octagon.

Stephen, Hazel, Polly, Sally and Laura treat patients throughout London, the clinic is located on the Hammersmith/Chiswick border and we see patients from all over the city including Barnes, Acton, Fulham, Chelsea, Putney, Richmond and beyond.  

At the Octagon our aim is to offer a full holistic care package, from pain alleviation to the prevention of reoccurring injury and hope that your visit will inspire you to take an active role in your own future well-being!

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We Are Open During Tier 4 Restrictions

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